Custom Finishing Services

DESIGN - We are happy to provide design services for your project.  Working closely with our customers, we design built-in cabinetry, paneling and millwork, complete kitchens, baths, wine rooms, and libraries

SHOP DRAWINGS - We provide detailed shop drawings of every item we produce for the approval of the client, architect, or designer.

PROJECT MANAGEMENT - Our most important service is managing the project to ensure that it is optimally coordinated with other all other aspects of the job and that our work is properly produced, received and installed.

SOURCING - We assist the designer and architect in finding reclaimed and sustainable materials from a variety of sources.

CUSTOM FINISHING - Before the work is shipped from our facility to the job, we can provide shop priming, clear finishes, and custom stains, dyes, or painted finishes.

INSTALLATION - We make sure that the final result is as good as the craftsmanship that went into it by installing our cabinetry and millwork in a fashion consistent with the high standards of its production.